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Private Fill Your Freezer Party

What is a Private Fill Your Freezer Party?

At a Fill Your Freezer Party attendees gather to assemble 15 freezer meals in 1 hour.  A "private" party means that it is hosted by someone who is responsible for inviting members to their party. 

Reasons to host a private party: 

  • Hang out with your closest family and friends
  • Pick your own menu
  • Earn discounts on your own meals
    • Sell 10 tickets, receive $25 off
    • Sell 12 tickets, receive $35 off
    • Sell 15+ tickets, receive $70 off


  • Click to pick a day and time for your party then watch for an email that includes your personal sign-up link and menu form.
  • Send link to friends and family.  There is a max of 20 tickets for each party and they must sign up 2 days in advance.
    • Note: Must sell at least 6 tickets to hold a party.
  • As host, pay for your meals the night of the party so we can apply your earned discount.

We're excited to provide a place for your family and friends to hang out and fill their freezers!  

Contact us if you have any questions!