Master the Electric Pressure Cooker eCookbook


Want to really maximize the potential of your Instant Pot? This ecookbook is for you!

Love your Instant Pot Even More with These Special Bonus Offers

Master the Electric Pressure ecookbook

Master the Electric Pressure Cooker ecookbook will become your new best friend. Full-flavored, Healthy Recipes and Decadent Desserts all in one!

Oats Time Chart

A Pressure Cooker is the only way to cook oats. This printable has all the cook times and ratios you need to make a perfect bowl of oatmeal every time.

Dried Beans time chart

Homemade beans taste so much better than canned and the pressure cooker makes them a breeze to cook. This guide includes cook times, bean to water ratios, and suggestions on how to get the perfect bean tenderness on several varieties of dried beans.

Yogurt Printable

Want perfectly creamy homemade yogurt every time? This printable will turn you into a yogurt-making pro. Once you’ve tasted homemade yogurt, you will never want storebought again!

Time Charts

Quick and easy time charts for how to cook everything from veggies to meat to grains and beyond. These valuable charts are so easy to read and understand!



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