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"I've loved InstaFreeze Meals...

I've loved InstaFreeze Meals. They are delicious. My family has loved every one I've made. I love the variety of meats used in the menu. Instructions are well written and easy to follow! Such a great time saver! Put together 15 meals in an hour!!


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"The instafreeze class was fun and so very simple...

The instafreeze class was fun and so very simple! It was so wonderful that they had a gluten-free option for me. The meals I have made at home have been easy and yummy!


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"The InstaFreeze Meals class was awesome...

The InstaFreeze Meals class was awesome! So simple to throw together many great meals in an hour and all the instructions for cooking at home are given to you. So far they have been simple, delicious and easy for me to do with a 1-year-old son and a newborn! I'll definitely do this again.


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"I love the ease and convenience these meals have brought to dinner time...

I love the ease and convenience these meals have brought to dinner time. As a busy teacher, I no longer have to plan early mornings getting food in my crockpot!


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"We have LOVED these meals as a family...

We have LOVED these meals as a family. That says something considering 3 of the 5 are picky eaters. And this busy working mom has had extra time out of the kitchen for once! Well worth every penny in more ways than one!


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"InstaFreeze has been a truly awesome experience...

InstaFreeze has been a truly awesome experience for me. They have saved my dinner time in so many ways by allowing us to have home-cooked, healthy, and delicious meals to accommodate my kids' busy schedules and provided my family more meaningful time together.


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"We have loved all the meals...

We have loved all the meals. My husband is very thankful for them, he was tired of eating fast food. They are so convenient. I don't have to think too much and plan ahead.


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"InstaFreeze Meals have been amazing...

InstaFreeze Meals have been amazing! They are full of flavors and ingredients that I never would have thought to go together, but do! This has saved me time and money! My kids love them and so do I!


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"Delicious, easy meals...

Delicious, easy meals. Different recipes than your standard Instant Pot or Freezer meals. Lots of different flavor profiles. Easily customized for every diet need - low sodium, low carb, vegetarian. You won't regret coming to InstaFreeze Meals!!!!


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"So easy and affordable...

So easy and affordable. Also fun to make meals and new friends at the same time.


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"The party was fun and easy...

The party was fun and easy and I was surprised how fast it went. The recipes have all been really good and I love the convenience of having the meals on hand for busy nights or when I don’t have anything planned for dinner. I have little kids at home and they have even enjoyed all the meals. The recipe instructions are easy to follow and I like that we are given different options on how to serve the meal. Thanks, Instafreeze for doing all the hard work for me and making dinnertime a little less stressful so that I can enjoy more time with my family.


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"Instafreeze is so easy and convenient...

Instafreeze is so easy and convenient!! Having a flavorful and healthy meal on hand makes my crazy days a little easier to handle.


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"These meals are amazing...

These meals are amazing! The flavors are delicious and feel very thought out! They are fast easy and convenient. 


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"Instafreeze meals have helped me enjoy making dinner again...

Instafreeze meals have helped me enjoy making dinner again. My kids are picky eaters but they have tried and enjoyed all the Instafreeze Meals I’ve made. We love these meals!


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"The meals are so yummy...

The meals are so yummy! My kids like them. And best of all, it has saved me so much time!!


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"My family has loved every meal...

My family has loved every meal we have had from Instafreeze! I will be a lifetime customer!


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"Instafreeze offers great meals with minimal preparation...

In a busy time of almost everyone's life, Instafreeze offers great meals with minimal preparation. My family, four daughters and one son, have enjoyed the classes as well as the ease of making dinner each night. I would recommend InstaFreeze to everyone and anyone who has a busy life.


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"Win, win, win...

Fast, easy and delicious is a win, win, win.


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"The Instafreeze Meals are full of flavor...

The Instafreeze Meals are full of flavor and are easy to prepare! They make using my Instant Pot easy and fearless!


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